I will blame Cullen in the difficulty of this post (although I was the one who let him choose the difficulty level), but I suppose I actually will have some fun with it.

Let me explain.

I found this post suggestion on the Dailies.  Can you guess which alphabetical symbol I’m not using?

Now, the meat and spuds of the post: my book.

I’ve been typing a lot lately, instead of using my notebook, and been making some headway.  The most difficult aspect of my situation is that each night when I sit down to type, I will have five – six – seven things bouncing in my head that I want to focus on, and I end up not typing anything.  This has been the typical schedule since the beginning of 2013, with only one night a week that leads to anything on the page.

An idea just popped into my head.  If I want to plan to type just 30 minutes each night, I can also plan ahead what I want to think about each night.  How about, Monday is about Naus’s childhood and some development of his family; Tuesday is all in Tha’lassos; Wednesday is the politics and education at the Academy, etc.  That way, I will know going into the week what each session’s focus will be and won’t have to make the decision as I am sitting down to type.

I suppose the main issue is that I’ve got much too much thinking going on in this head of mine… Anyone else have ideas on getting past the sudden and intense feeling of sinking into the abyss that comes with the task of penning a novel?

Also, do you know which alphabetical symbol I didn’t use?

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