Summer Writing Prompt

In lieu of making some exaggerated list of excuses for not planning a post for today, I decided to look up prompts for creative writing.  Out of the 346 I found here, I chose this one: ‘In 200 words, describe a hot day’.  Maybe this will make up for the sub-40-degree weather Seattle had last weekend.

The grass had browned several weeks before this day, and it felt as though the heat of the last months had been building to a horrible peak.  The breeze, if it could ever be called that, was cruel torture on the faces of those unable to find shade; like leaning over the oven as you open the door to remove a cookie sheet.

It was a dry cracking heat, with the power to drain every ounce of energy from anyone left stranded in the brilliance of the sun.  With fans going inside the house and all shades and shutters drawn against the yellow light, the air still felt thick as syrup.  No one moved.  No one spoke.  Hair clung to faces and necks, lungs labored to breathe in the heavy oxygen.

Then, the air conditioning in the car.

It felt like being shown an ice cube, up close, but not allowed to touch it.  There was a brush of coolness, just a draft, but the strength of the heat drove it away.  Any chill that could have reached the skin was lost long before it was felt.

The last saving thought was of water.

They had finally found the pool.

This was much harder to write than I thought it would be, especially considering all I want to do is get into bed under my giant down blanket and hibernate for the next six months.  Definitely not worth it though – I’d miss my anniversary with Cullen (of what?), Thanksgiving, some important birthdays, Christmas, New Years etc.

How about this?  My next post will be 200 words describing the joy of cold weather…


About jmmack

Full-time swim coach and pool program manager in the Seattle area. Swimmer, writer, cross-stitcher, HP fan, wife, sister, auntie of two nephews, human to a feisty Jack-Russell mix.
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