About Me

Our last night in Athens – September 2011

My name is Jess and I am a 22-year-old graduate of Western Washington University with a BA in Classical Studies, focus in Ancient Greek.  I studied for a month in Athens, Greece in August 2011 and the experience allowed me to discover the depth of my love for the country and its people, language, and history.  The trip also introduced me to people (from my own school and from Greece) that I would not have been close with otherwise, and some of the best food I’ve ever tasted.  I now live near Seattle, Washington, paying rent from work as an accountant at a company that manufactures and distributes eye lenses to doctors, hospitals, and other distributors.

I had such grandiose ideas for this site (“I’ll share all of my writing from Athens!  My adventures in creative writing!  My book ideas for NaNoWriMo“!) and for the first year+, very few of those dreams came to fruition… Long story short, I was/am lazy and let the anxiety of sharing my writing get the better of me.

Now, after a few years of playing the start-and-stop game on this blog, I feel like I might have found a rhythm for my writing.  I am working on my first novel, and continue to write poetry, creative non-fiction, and short pieces of fiction.  I finally don’t feel the pressure of needing to “figure out” my blog’s purpose.  The only purpose it needs to serve to keep me happy is that it motivates me to write and have fun with the English language – and sometimes some Greek, Latin, and French!

Initially, my biggest hope for this blog was that I would get feedback.  I was unrealistic in my expectations in that aspect – so now I’m just happy with a few likes here and there… not that I don’t greatly appreciate comments and questions of all sorts!

Other interests (that sometimes keep from writing) include:

    • spending time with my fiancé, Cullen, and our friends and family
    • reading
    • list-making (workflowy!)
    • cross stitch
    • calendars
    • sudoku
    • Bloons TD5
    • Vlogbrothers videos
    • John Green books
    • Patrick Rothfuss blog
    • a show with Ze Frank
    • assorted romance/action/historical/scifi movies
    • xbox games (Portal! and BioShock)
    • Christmas music
    • baking cookies
    • cats & dogs
    • clean laundry
    • good wine
    • milk chocolate
    • Thai curry
    • cinnamon and/or vanilla candles
    • seasonal landscape pictures
    • people watching

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