How To Make Excuses

The blank page has been taunting me again.

It isn’t writer’s block because I have plenty of ideas – and I know how I want to write about those ideas… eventually.  I’m just not feeling it today.

“Enter title here”.  Well damn, I don’t have a title.  What next?

Alright, pick a topic.  How about the trip to Athens you took last summer?

No, I don’t feel like being nostalgic right now.  Yeah, great timing for that.

Do you want to write about the creative writing class you took in your last quarter at Western?

Yes – but not right nowThinking about how much writing I used to do will just get me down.

Well, you could just use something from one of your journals from that class – talk about the inspiration and writing process for one of your old poems or short non-fiction pieces.

That crap does not need to be public.  Ever. 

Running out of ideas here… but why not write a NEW poem or short non-fiction piece.

Nah, I’m too tired to be creative.  It’s been a long week.

It’s Tuesday.

But it’s Thanksgiving week, so Tuesday would be like a normal Thursday afternoon.

You could always use your book material for the blog.

It’s not enough edited content to let other people read yet.

I know you wrote something the other day though – you talked to Cullen about book stuff for like an hour!

Let me rephrase: bugger off!

Okay fine.  You come up with something.  Lazyass.


Unrelated: Happy birthday to my Dad on Wednesday!


About jmmack

Full-time swim coach and pool program manager in the Seattle area. Swimmer, writer, cross-stitcher, HP fan, wife, sister, auntie of two nephews, human to a feisty Jack-Russell mix.
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