Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

I found the following prompt on the WordPress Daily Prompt blog:

Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

The nearest book to me at the time of finding this prompt was, let it snowand is presently, Let It Snow – a book of three interconnected stories by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle.  I read this book around Christmas time last year and decided to re-read it last week.  It’s rather cheesy in some parts (well… it IS a young adult Christmas romance) but these authors aren’t professionals for nothing.  They’re all well out of their angsty teen years, but they manage to recall the pain and hilarity of those times with incredible accuracy.  I might just have to make this an annual read.

Anyspray, my writing for the prompt:

She sent a letter in response to the postcard, hoping he would still be at the same address.  They hadn’t spoken directly in months, but she had a stack of letters and postcards to remind herself of his friendship.

The trip had been planned almost a year in advance, before the two had even met.  In fact, the first night they spoke, he had told her many details of his future adventures, including when he was to leave, how long he would be gone, and where he was going to go.

“First Ireland, Scotland, and England for a few weeks, then over to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, then up near the Atlantic in France to Spain and Portugal – that’ll take two or three months,” he gushed.  She could tell he was excited to share his plans with someone new.

“And I’ll go east, along the north coast of the Mediterranean, through Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Turkey…”

She remembered that night perfectly; it had only been seven months before.  The pair had spent time together nearly every day before he left, but now it had been almost five months since his first night in Ireland.

He’ll be back soon,” she thought.  “Then we can start again.”

Not quite sure how that story came about in my head, but I rather like it.  Maybe if I get bored with my current book idea I’ll start another project… not likely to happen any time soon though – the book is going wonderfully!  Mayhaps I’ll post a little something from my recent writings on Tuesday.

Happy last day of November!


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