No Three-Letter Harry Potter Memories

Today, no three-letter words!  Inspired by this WordPress Daily Prompt.  Beware — HP spoilers!  (To be honest, I’m assuming you’ve read HP by this point.)

Harry Potter

I came home from school in third grade, to find HP 1 in an Amazon package.  Ma mère ordered it as a surprise.  I remember my teacher read it to my class.  I remember reading ahead at school because my teacher read so slow.

Chamber of Secrets arrived when I wasn’t quite nine… I remember Dobby made me incredibly nervous.  I remember being rather scared about that Chamber, what with Riddle coming to life, then a gruesome basilisk trying to kill Harry.  I remember despising Gilderoy Lockhart.

In fourth grade, I took Prisoner of Azkaban to school everyday.  I remember I spilled juice on it in my backpack.   I remember being devastated, seeing my book nearly ruined.  No matter: it is still readable today; it even retains some reddish-pink stained pages.

I remember Goblet of Fire incurred another spill.  This time, Dr. Pepper on an airplane by a clumsy 10-year-old.  Namely, me.  I remember it as my favorite book, before HP 6, with many re-readings – hence, a broken binding.

I remember reading Harry Potter 5.  Publish date: my 13th birthday.  I remember sitting in my kitchen every morning of June/July after summer league swim practice.  I remember eating chocolate pop-tarts, drinking lemonade.  Breakfast of champions.  Lucky I didn’t spill again.

Summer between 9th/10th grades, I remember Half-Blood Prince became my favorite book in Rowling’s series.  I remember reading chapter 1 aloud on a family vacation, wondering with my aunt about plot lines.  I remember getting to chapter 26 in Voldemort’s cave.  I remember crying over Dumbledore’s death.

HP 7, perfect timing.  A month before release, I turned 17.  I remember that release night, then trying to slow down while reading.  I failed.  I remember lounging in various spots around my house, reading hungrily.  I remember my swim coach discussing Snape with us.  I remember bawling when Dobby, then Fred, died.

Have some Harry Potter memories?  Share them!

(PS.  Do tell me if you’ve found a pesky three-letter word!)


About jmmack

Full-time swim coach and pool program manager in the Seattle area. Swimmer, writer, cross-stitcher, HP fan, wife, sister, auntie of two nephews, human to a feisty Jack-Russell mix.
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9 Responses to No Three-Letter Harry Potter Memories

  1. Still mad about Cedric.

  2. Zen A. says:

    I was the only person in my class who knew about Harry Potter, and since I had no one to guide me, I ended up reading the 2nd and 3rd books before realising that hey, these books have a certain order, haha. One time my younger brother grabbed a pink pen and started scribbling all over HP 1. I was furious! Mum wouldn’t buy me a new one, so I ended up whiting out all the pink lines. I still have that copy today.

    • jmwalker17 says:

      Can’t blame you at all – I would have been furious too! At least with my books I’m the only one to blame for spilling/breaking them. Which book ended up your favorite after the 7th one came out?

  3. Jeyna Grace says:

    I was not allowed to buy the books back when they were being released, so I remember booking my turn from friends who purchased them. Thats one memory I wont forget.

  4. lucewriter says:

    OK, I’ll bite. I was teaching children’s literature to college students when the first book came out. After at least a year of putting it off, I started to read the first book. It started off slowly and boring, and I couldn’t continue. I didn’t even make it to Hogwarts. After another 1/2 year or more, I forced myself to try again because my students couldn’t understand why I wasn’t reading HP. That time I kept going and by halfway into the book I was really starting to like it. Then I loved #2. My favorite was #3 and then the next books had diminishing returns for me.

    • jmwalker17 says:

      Thanks for the comment! I know a few people who feel similarly to you – one of my friends still hasn’t read the series because he got bored on the first PAGE! My own dad hasn’t finished them because he was mad Rowling killed off Cedric. To me though, HP marked the years of my childhood and I’ve enjoyed re-reading them many times.

      • lucewriter says:

        Well, I grew to love them and was so glad that I finally had the fortitude to gut those first pages.

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