Questioning the Process

I had an idea to write for a prompt that I found while on my lunch yesterday – but I’ve got Christmas shopping and plans for baking/family time on the brain, so much so that I can’t focus long enough to write anything worthwhile.

Is it possible to be happy about keeping a writing schedule, but at the same time feel bored with it?  I like discovering new things to write about, learning what kinds of things readers enjoy, finding out what I can challenge myself to write… but recently keeping to the Tuesday/Friday schedule has become a chore.  Perhaps I need to identify more short and long-term goals.

Here’s my problem:

Part of me wants to take a break from the blog so that I can start anew in 2013 and feel re-energized.

The other part knows that taking a break would be a huge risk, because knowing me, I might never come back to this blog – and if I do, I might not be able/want to keep such a “strict” schedule.

Here’s my hope:

I’d like advice from everyone (writers and non-writers) about YOUR creative processes (in writing, music, drawing/painting, sculpting, needlework, video blogging, movie making etc) and if you have any ideas on how to reinvigorate my brain or make blogging more fun, PLEASE SHARE.  I wouldn’t call this a rut, but it sure isn’t a high point either.

Hopefully on Friday I’ll have a nice, normal creative writing post to share with you all.  Just in time for the world to end, right?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look around here.



About jmmack

Full-time swim coach and pool program manager in the Seattle area. Swimmer, writer, cross-stitcher, HP fan, wife, sister, auntie of two nephews, human to a feisty Jack-Russell mix.
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5 Responses to Questioning the Process

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ramblings from Mom because I am a creature of routines too.
    I have found that when doing something I love becomes a chore, I need a break or at least some sort of change. Could you be bored with your daily life routine and that is having an affect on your creativity? Maybe Juanita Pool is calling to you? If you take a break, I will miss your blogs but I know I can look forward to them again in the near future.
    Love you,
    xoxo Mom

  2. lucewriter says:

    I have to keep going or I won’t go back.

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