It’s Finally Here

I know autumn technically started over a week ago in the Northern Hemisphere – but now that it’s October, I feel like I can start to celebrate properly.  Cullen and I made pumpkin bread on Sunday night (from a mix, but still delicious) and I can see the trees turning crunchier every day on my drive home from work.

Although I would name orange as my least favorite color, pictures like these have always managed to make me happy.  Maybe it’s because I know the changing leaves signal the (chance of) coming snow; perhaps there’s something about seeing such warm colors everywhere while the weather turns crisp and windy.

This year feels different, though.  Driving home at 530pm yesterday, the Seattle skies were clear and it was still 72° F.  What is this nonsense?!  A few days ago, I was driving to work at 8am wearing my new black pea coat (from Costco – it’s awesome) because it was 48° out.  When I left the office that evening, it was back towards 70°.  Wearing my coat, making pumpkin bread, putting a new fleece blanket on our bed, baking cookies, drinking more tea – maybe these are just my ways of wishing, even willing, fall to really start.  My favorite time of the year is between Halloween and New Year’s; the season most people call “the holidays”, but I can’t truly prepare for any holiday if it still feels like summer out!

One of the things I love about Seattle is that the seasons are rather mild, but still distinct.  Well, I could be romanticizing this.  Perhaps I’m just forgetting how the end of September usually goes.  Is this normal weather?  All I remember about this time last year is that it was raining the night I came home from Athens on September 17.  The windows on the plane were spattered with water before I could even see the lights of the city.  It was the best homecoming I’ve ever had.

In other news, I found this for some baking inspiration:

A cross stitch about food for the fall? Three things I adore!

….Now I want rain, wind, and cold weather even more.


About jmmack

Full-time swim coach and pool program manager in the Seattle area. Swimmer, writer, cross-stitcher, HP fan, wife, sister, auntie of two nephews, human to a feisty Jack-Russell mix.
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