Book: Ninety Turns After Foundation

Not much of a prelude today – just happy to be sticking with my M-W-F schedule. Hope you’re all enjoying these regular postings as much as I am!  The following is an excerpt of my writings on the Academy and Naus’s past from the book I’ve previously mentioned.  I’ve had so many views and such great feedback from my other posts from the book (here and here) – maybe next week the posts will be full chapters…

Please feel free to comment with feedback, support, and questions!
(Disclaimer: Names, locations, geological features – and really, the whole damn thing – are subject to change.)

Ninety turns and six rhythms after the Founding on the summer solstice, Naus Jameson Wheelock was born to Tatham Durand Wheelock and his wife on the winter solstice.  The Academy was a well-established institute of government and learning by this time, and had over one thousand students attending on any given day.  Foundation, one of the few widely recognized holidays, was celebrated each turn with gift giving among friends and family, and games, music, dancing, feasts, and bonfires at the Academy.

The Wheelock homestead was situated three hundred miles due east of the coast, a four-day ride northeast from Tha’lassos, in the farming town of Attwater.  The Scriven Mountains wrapped themselves protectively along the east and south coasts, with Windbright and the Academy standing watch among its highest peaks.  The Revma River wound through Windbright, down the slopes of Scriven, into the stretching northern plains, past Attwater, west through the forest of Noonir, ending – finally – near the port of Tha’lassos as it swept into the sea.

As a child, Naus spent whole days of the summer rhythms in the Revma, splashing and swimming with his brothers and friends.  Tatham called them in each night for chores and dinner, but was generally glad to know the boys were out of the house during the day, playing in the wide, shallow, slow-moving waters.  In later turns, especially those he spent at the Academy, Naus thought longingly of those summers – the time before true, back-wrenching work on the farm began; before he left Dellon behind.  Although the Revma was still close by, the waters were frigid in Windbright and the current strong due to the depth and narrowness.  Having never left Attwater before reaching the Academy, Naus wondered where the river traveled after it drifted west past his farmhouse.  He wondered if he would ever swim in its warm, calming waters again.


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  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to get a picture in my head but I’m confussed. “The Scriven Mountains wrapped themselves protectively along the east and south coasts…” East and south coasts of where? Can you draw a map of the locations of Attwater, Scriven Mountains and Tha’lassos or add more decription?

    • jmwalker17 says:

      I knew my descriptions were a little vague… but I’ve been working on a map for a while so I’ll try to post it soon! The view of the land is so vivid to me now that I was having a hard time with how other people would think of it. Try to see the whole land/continent as a somewhat circular island with the Scriven mts along the east and south coasts. Does that help?

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