The Wonders of WorkFlowy

Welcome to another edition of “Evidence Jess Is a WorkFlowy Junkie”. I’ve mentioned WorkFlowy in several posts, mostly talking about tasks that I’ve put on my to-do list, but the initial post from back in January (as seen here) went a little overboard… or perhaps not.  Looking back, that love-fest of WF didn’t really summarize the infinite uses of the site properly (because I’d only been using it for one day at that point).  Try, try again to explain the awesomeness.

First, I will exemplify my obsession by confessing that since adopting WF into my life on January 22 of this year, I have not gone a single day without using my to-do list on the site.  When I have my computer on, WorkFlowy is always the first tab I open and it STAYS open the whole day.  I realize this sounds crazy, but I’ve gotten to the point now where my entire life – doing the dishes and laundry, going to work, planning dinner with friends – is on that list.  It’s more than a calendar though, more than a spreadsheet.  The lists function in bullet points that can be infinitely broken down, so it looks something like this:

  • To Do
    • Aug 29
      • work
      • unload dishwasher
      • post to wordpress – topic: workflowy
      • book writing
        • Academy
          • location
            • courses available
              • class size/student atmosphere
      • groceries
        • lettuce
        • red onion
        • tomatoes
        • cheese
      • pack for weekend trip
        • clothes
        • computer
        • phone charger
        • the Hobbit
    • Aug 30
      • work
      • book writing
        • Tha’lassos
          • MarketCenter

You get the idea.  Now imagine that each bullet point can be condensed to hide all of its “baby bullets” with one click so that you could choose to just see the dates instead of the entirety of the list.  You can also “complete” items on the lists to cross them out and make them disappear in order to focus on another task.  Maybe I’m not explaining this well enough.  The best advice I can give you is go to the site, sign up for free, and just look around.  If you do that, will you come back and tell me what you think?

I was asked during an interview recently if I consider myself to be organized.  I couldn’t help but crack a smile and hold back a laugh.  I manage several calendars for myself, plus the WF to-do… so I answered, “Yes, definitely more than the average person.”  WF also houses my workout schedule, current reading list, cross stitch project inventory, address of close friends and family, a list of books I’ve borrowed from friends, and some ideas I’ve had for this very blog.

I will probably continue to post about WorkFlowy from time to time in the hope of conveying its fantastic idea to everyone who will listen.  However, be warned, this is the type of endeavor that can only become as great as the work you put into it.  If you feel overwhelmed by work or personal projects and REALLY want to make a change your time management skills, make the commitment to stick with WF and see what you can do with an organized brain.

Happy list-making!


About jmmack

Full-time swim coach and pool program manager in the Seattle area. Swimmer, writer, cross-stitcher, HP fan, wife, sister, auntie of two nephews, human to a feisty Jack-Russell mix.
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3 Responses to The Wonders of WorkFlowy

  1. Late to the party, just came across this blog post. Have you seen workflowy painter? It’s a plug-in for Chrome that allows you to color code the text.

  2. Joe Walker says:

    Read the first half of Getting Things Done. (I was reading it on Kindle at Steve’s graduation. Second half gets too caught up in pre-smartphone-era organizing logistics.) It helped me make better use of WorkFlowy and harness that occasional hyper-productive attitude to be used all day long.

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