Book: The Academy

As promised – I’ve posted more writings from my work-in-progress book.  Below is part of what I am currently considering Chapter 2.  The previous post is the middle of Chapter 1, the rest of which I will publish at a later date.  My writing process has been illogical and my schedule rather sporadic since February, but committing to this blog (with the encouragement of Cullen and my family) has helped considerably – and I’ve already put my posting calendar on my WorkFlowy!  I just need to update my Figment account now…

Anyway, here’s Chapter 2.  Feel free to ask questions (on pronunciation, if you need it) and give feedback (which idea did you like best?) in the comments section below!

Naus was a solitary young man, seeking a life away from the farmlands on which he was raised.  After finishing at the Academy, he was supposed to return to his father’s house to earn a living with his brothers, but Naus had an untold plan.  He was desperate to find the sea he had learned about in classes and books.  Why he’d never known of it before the Academy he now understood: his father must have known he would be drawn to the coast, so he never told Naus it even existed.  The seaport of Tha’lassos was the biggest town in the west, and after hearing, reading, even dreaming of the place, Naus knew he was meant to leave the valleys and flats behind, meant to live and work near the sea.

Students of the Academy were not allowed to travel or return home during their turns, even for Foundation or winter solstice.  Naus’s older brothers, West and Merc, chose not to attend the Academy when they were of age and rarely contacted Naus while he was gone.  Their youngest brother, Dellon, wrote to him weekly for the three turns Naus was away and Naus diligently returned the favor with notes and small gifts for Dellon.  Naus had left for the Academy on the day of his 15th turn when Dellon was nearly 12.

The turns passed and had it been different, had Dellon chosen to stay home, Naus may have considered returning to the farmlands after his schooling.  To Naus’s great relief, that’s not what happened.  Dellon chose the Academy, to follow in his brother’s footsteps, and would leave their father’s house on his own 15th turn.  By this time, Naus had finished his schooling and sent his last letter to Dellon.  The note was short.  He wished Dellon well, told him to stay focused on his studies, and said goodbye.


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6 Responses to Book: The Academy

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  5. Anonymous says:

    More please! What is Foundation?

    • jmwalker17 says:

      Thanks for the comment – and great question! Foundation is the holiday to celebrate the founding of the Academy, which was on the summer solstice 90 turns before Naus was born. I’ll post more soon!

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