Odes Are Oh So Awesome

Recently, I’ve had odes on the brain.  I wrote this particular one about two weeks ago as an extra assignment for our poetry section in class and I turned it in for credit but didn’t use it in my portfolio.  I’ve been thinking of more concepts that would do well to have an ode in their honor and want to get working on them soon to keep the inspiration flowing.

An ode’s tone is normally celebratory and elevated in style to give the sense of praise and allow the writer to show their appreciation and love for the topic they are writing on.  The title given here is a working title (might change) and if I ever come back to this poem to revise, I will probably add/alter details to the images to fit the title.  My professor suggested that if I keep the title, I should be more specific: list types of trees native to the Northwest and streets I like to drive or walk during this time of year etc.  In this way, it will truly be an ode to the Northwest, rather than just November.  Thoughts?

Ode to November in the Northwest

Golden leaves take flight in the late afternoon storm
as puddles grow with ripples in each passing minute.
A scent, a hint of apple, pumpkin, wood fires, blows by;
we shiver with delight, anticipation, and the chill.

Oh autumn evenings, turning cold so quickly!
Gusts of crisp air follow us inside where cinnamon
candles flicker.  Fresh, steaming pies emerge –
mince, pecan and others – one by one, from the oven’s  heat.

Thanksgiving approaches, but not before the first freeze.
With eager hands we scrape ice from windows
and see our breath cloud before our hopeful eyes.
Oh autumn mornings!  You allow for such excitement!

Oh frosty November, how do you fill us with such glee?
Is it blustering winds, flying colors and coming holidays?
Or your hesitant promise of glittering snow?
You never fail to conjure love within our souls!


About jmmack

Full-time swim coach and pool program manager in the Seattle area. Swimmer, writer, cross-stitcher, HP fan, wife, sister, auntie of two nephews, human to a feisty Jack-Russell mix.
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3 Responses to Odes Are Oh So Awesome

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  3. Devon Hay says:

    I agree with you professor about NW details. But I love it!! Probably just cause fall is my favorite. I had a moment in early October when I was standing in the pumpkin patch and realized it was time for scarves, SWEATERS, fireplaces, hot cider and all the other great things about fall here.

    Side note, great place for a joke about how it’s time to put socks on with your sandals. That’s totally a NW thing!

    But seriously, I love this poem. I love autumn!

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